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How To Secure Sliding Doors

How To Secure Sliding Doors

A lot of homeowners now prefer sliding doors compared to your regular doors, this is because of the style and comfort that sliding doors provide for the home. The only downside to this kind of door is its security, sliding doors are hard to secure because of its mechanism which makes locks hard to install. So how do you secure sliding doors? Do you install a special kind of lock to secure it? Or do you install a special security alarm? These options might be viable but they’re not the best option for you to follow because there are better ways to secure your sliding doors.

There different ways on how you can secure sliding doors, but first you need to identify what kind of sliding door you have. This is important because determining what kind of sliding door you have will affect the kind of lock that you will install, this is to prevent burglars from breaking in through your sliding door and help keep your home safe. Whether you have a traditional, glass, or even modern sliding doors, there are different ways that you can secure sliding glass doors or any kind of sliding door for that matter.

Replace The built in Lock

Most sliding doors already have a built-in lock installed, but this kind of lock is very poor when it comes to securing your home. The pre-installed lock is really just a latch that’s attached to your door that’s why you shouldn’t count on these built-in locks to keep burglars out of your home. This is true especially if you have a traditional sliding door, that’s why if you have this kind of door the best solution for you is to replace these built-in locks of your sliding doors and install better locks that are compatible with your current door.

Install Security Bars

Installing security bars is another way to improve the security of your sliding door; these metal bars are installed to one side of the door frame and locks the sliding door in place. This kind of lock will last longer than any of the locks mentioned here because of its nature of being a metal bar, it might look unsightly because of its feature but rest assured this kind of lock is very effective against break-ins and robberies.

Install Double Bolt Locks

For modern sliding doors this is the best solution to improve the security in your home, a double bolt lock comes in two pieces wherein the main piece attaches to the frame of your door and the other piece attaches to the sliding door. The double bolt locks serve as the main lock for your sliding door, because of the mechanism of the lock it creates a secure protection from forcefully opening it from the outside and even from inside of the house.

Call a Locksmith

When in doubt, there will always be a professional locksmith that could help you improve the security of your sliding door. Locksmiths are knowledgeable in the field of locks and home security; with their expertise, they will know what’s best for your sliding door. You don’t need to worry about finding the best lock for your sliding door, just let the locksmith take care of it for you, so just sit back and relax.


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