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Frequently Asked Questions

People usually don’t give much thought to their car keys or locking systems, until something goes wrong. Car keys can break, get locked inside the car or lost, locking and safety systems can malfunction and so on.

Cobra Locksmiths has years of experience solving such complex problems and well aware of the many questions our customers usually ask.

After many years of experience and thousands of customers we getter a list of common questions for you, in any case, you can always contact us 24/7

The transponder key, which also called “chip key” that is matched to your personal vehicle. It has a unique electronic code that must be verified by the car’s electronic control unit so that the ignition of the engine will be possible. If the code embedded in your key is wrong, the car simply won’t start.

If you lost your car keys and do not have a spare ones you need to make a set of replacement keys, cut either by vin number, pattern or existing lock. If you have a transponder you will also need to program the new keys to work with it.

We at Cobra Locksmiths can do replacement keys for all the manufactures and for all year’s models. In addition, we offer in place service which means we will come to your location without the need to bring your car to us.

There are a few steps for the situation you have described: First of all, if this is the first time, try spraying WD-40 in the ignition and take the key in and out several times before trying to turn the ignition again (make sure the steering wheel isn’t lock while you are trying to turn the key).

We recommend you to contact us and set an appointment to solve the problem.

If the first solution didn’t work out for you this is time to call a professional, in most cases we are able to repair the ignition- a thing that will save a lot of money.

If the ignition is un repairable we carry new ignition for all cars. In case we install a new ignition, there is an option to match it to your existing key so you don’t have to use more than one key to unlock all the locks in you car.

Certainty not! Even if your car key broke a car locksmith has the ability to duplicate it, thus allowing you to resume the use of your car quickly and without unnecessary expenses.

Certainty not! In case your car keys were stolen an auto locksmith will gain access to your car and remove all programmed keys. Then he will de synch the programming code so that the stolen keys will no longer start the car. The next thing is to do a re-key which means you only change the inside pins and therefore there is no need to change all the locks / ignition.

Weather the battery in your remote control system ran out, or the coding went wrong a professional locksmith will be able to determine the problem within minutes. A professional car locksmith usually uses special diagnostic machinery to handle key programming

Sometimes it is hard to know if you have a transponder key because it is embedded under the plastic covering of the key itself. An easy way to know if you have a transponder key or not is to look for a red light flashing every 2 seconds or so on the dashboard. This light should go off once you insert a programmed key in the ignition. If you are still not sure, you can always call us at 347-797-1671

At Brooklyn Locksmith, our knowledge of all locking systems helps to solve a security issue, a car lock-out, or other situation quickly and professionally. We have access to several solutions that can solve your problem very efficiently.

Of course! We accept credit cards.

Obviously! There is a 90 day warranty on all parts and labor types!

Yes. All of our locksmiths are licensed and bonded.

A: Depending on the keys that were lost, you may be able to replace the key by using a specific code if you are the original owner of the keys. If not, a key can be fitted on-site so that you can continue on with your day. If you suspect your keys were stolen, then we can rekey your affected locks so that the stolen keys will no longer operate them.

Yes. It doesn’t matter what the make or model of your vehicle happens to be. We at Brooklyn locksmith can program new keys, replace or repair damaged locks, and even work with keyless entry systems.

It means that we will adjust the tumblers in a lock so that the old keys won’t work the lock any more. This provides an alternative to replacing or upgrading the various locks that may be in your home or vehicle.

Some apartments have multiple locks with multiple keys that are required to unlock a door. Master rekeying allows for one key to operate all of the locks instead of having one key per lock.

Yes. We are able to install new locks, including high security locks, for homeowners at a surprisingly affordable rate.

You can become locked out of your vehicle, apartment, or business at what seems like the worst possible time. Find a safe place, contact us about your situation, and our emergency locksmith services will be there quickly.

The answer is YES! Most chances are that the previous tenants gave their keys to neighbors, baby sitters, friends, cleaning people etc. These people are now walking around with the key to your apartment so it definitely recommended you rekey the locks

Restricted key system prevents from unauthorized people to duplicate the keys. The restricted key system is only available at the locksmith that installed the system and can only be duplicated by him. A signature and ID is required and the total number of keys duplicated is recorded.

Sure, Call now and we are there within minutes.

We at Cobra Locksmiths hope this basic FAQ page was helpful to you, if you have any further questions please contact us at 347-797-1671

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