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Door Closers

For Private Homes Or Contemporary Office Buildings

We at Cobra Locksmiths supply and install all types of door closers. Name a popular brand and we have it. Choose a specific type and we would supply and install the exact type of door closer.

Door Closers

What are they used for?

Door closers are imperative in certain scenarios. You may want to ensure that the doors don’t rely on human intervention to be closed after they are opened. Door closers contribute to the maintenance of optimum room temperature which would otherwise be affected if the door remains opened. Door closers make it convenient to use the doors, they allow some time for the doors to remain open so more than one person can conveniently walk in. There are myriad advantages of door closers.

Types of door closers

There are various types of door closers and we specialize in all of them. We can supply and install surface-mounted door closers, those that are concealed in the frame, concealed in the door and concealed in the floor. In the category of surface mounted door closers, we specialize in regular arm surface mounted and the slide track arm, the top jamb mounted and the parallel arm surface mounted door closers. These specific types come in a few variants and they all have their aesthetic differences. Whatever suits your preference and enhances the interior or the appearance of the door itself, we would zero in on that type and install it at your home or office.

Choosing the right door closers

Choosing the right kind of door closers is the trickiest part of the whole exercise. While you can completely rely on us to supply and install the best quality door closers at a given budget that you decide, we would rely on your input to suggest the best door closer in the first place. There are manual and automatic door closers. There are special ones designed to be compatible with storm doors. There are concealed designs of myriad kinds. Certain door closers are disabled friendly and some score high in fire safety.

Your needs will determine the type of door closers we would recommend. The size and weight of the door, where it is located or installed, the closing and opening frequency of the door, the exact location of the mount, your budget, the specific requirement or limit of the backswing available and traffic considerations are some of the factors that would influence the choice of the type of door closer. Then there are building codes, the material your door is made of, the aesthetics as well as the way the door closer operates.

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