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Panic Bars and Exit Devices

Panic Bars And Exit Devices Can Be The Life Saver

You may or may not be aware of the law but you are required to have panic bars in NY. It is an imperative requisite according to the building codes. Any kind of commercial building or an office would require panic bar and exit devices to facilitate quick evacuation in case of a fire or any untoward incident in the building or nearby. Retail outlets, malls, theaters and certainly high rises of all kinds, be it commercial or residential or mixed use, every major address should have a panic bar. Any door that can block incoming or outgoing human traffic, causing a blockade of people and potentially risking the lives of the people should have panic bar and exit devices. From the possibility of causing a stampede to simply rendering people helpless, panic bars and exit devices can be the life saver.

panic bars
panic bars

What Are They? Where They Are Used And What Types Are There?

We at Cobra locksmiths specializes in exit devices installation and panic bar installation. Let us explore what panic bars are, where they are used and what types of panic bar and exit devices you should consider installing at your property.

Panic bars, aka crash bars, panic device, exit devices or push bars, are horizontal planks you may have seen on doors in commercial buildings, offices and malls. You would have also seen them at hospitals, especially on the emergency doors. The most common places where you should have panic bars and exit devices are the fire exits in a building, all doors that lead to the stairways and any transit that would be used during an emergency.
The horizontal plank is almost always metallic. They are installed midway along the vertical length or height of the door. Panic bars can be easily opened from inside but cannot be opened from outside.

Specialize In Panic Bars & Exit Devices

Our specialization in exit devices installation is not limited to the various types of panic bars, their repairs and replacements. We also supply all types of panic bars. Right from recommending the best panic bar and exit devices given the kind of requirements you discuss with us to impeccable panic bar installation and any subsequent service you may need to attend to the bars or devices, we would offer you a full suite service at all times.
Panic bars may be used all the time or they may be used rarely depending on where they are installed and how often the doors are used. All panic bar installation must be duly maintained to ensure they are in perfect working condition.

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