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Electronic Locks

Electronic Door Locks

Door locks are vital to the security of your office or house. That’s why you’ve got to choose high-quality ones. At Cobra Locksmiths, we specialize installing high-quality door locks in the New York City area. Our team of highly skilled specialists can install high-security locks properly. We use the highest quality locks, strengthening our reputation as the best in the industry.

What is the best electronic door lock?

Keys are so old-school. An electronic door lock provides both security and flexibility. This allows you to control access to your house with your phone. And installation is easier than you think. Because of this, you might be wondering what’s the best electronic door lock. However, the answer depends on your needs. A professional locksmith, such as Cobra Locksmiths, can help you choose the right electronic door lock.

Can electronic door locks be hacked?

The answer depends on what type of electronic door lock you install. If you’ve installed a high-quality door lock, a burglar might have a hard time hacking the lock. However, if you purchase a low-quality and cheap electronic door lock, chances are high that it will be hacked.

What are electronic door locks?

An electronic door lock is a way to add additional automation features such as remote locking or unlocking. It can also get rid of the use of keys. While most commonly found on vehicles, a lot of cutting-edge security providers are offering electronic door locks for homes and businesses.

How do electronic door locks work?

Electronic door locks have motor hidden inside the lock. This motor is triggered by an electrical impulse. Even better, today’s electric locks for homes have sophisticated locking options, from timers that will unlock or lock the doors at particular times of the day to the ability to use your smartphone to open a door from anywhere.

What is the best keyless entry system for homes?

Keyless locks work in a similar way to modern home safes and garage door openers by using a code that is entered with a keypad. While there are a lot of various keyless entry systems for homes, one of the most popular keyless locks is the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

Cobra Locksmiths offer supreme quality electronic locks for clients across the New York City region. We use industry leading technology. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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