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Safe Battery Changes Service

Most electronic and modern safes today have battery-operated locks. To keep its optimal function, you need to have it checked and maintained every year by a locally operated and owned locksmith in New York.

This safe maintenance must include the inspection and replacement of your safes’ battery. Safe battery replacement can be done annually and it helps in preventing any breakdown with the protection level of your safes.

Cobra Locksmith can be your best 24-hour emergency locksmith to repair or change the batteries of your safes. All our locksmiths are duly licensed, trained, and bonded to perform all-around safe servicing in Manhattan, Queens/Bronx, and Brooklyn.

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Safe Battery Changes Service

How To Determine If Your Safes’ Lock Battery Is Low

For your convenience, many modern electronic safes have an audible alarm system or LCD screen to display the battery level of your safes’ lock.

Nevertheless, when you frequently use your safes, you are familiar with its operation. When the keypad seems to lag and keeps beeping, it is about time that you check on its battery level for it might need changing.

The batteries of its lock system can be found either in the cover of your safes’ keypad or inside the safe. If you are not confident of changing batteries on your own, then contact us at Cobra Locksmith.

We provide a quick response around the clock, anywhere in New York. All services are being performed at the customer’s location.

Changing Batteries Inside The Lock Keypad

We have licensed and bonded technicians who shall safely replace the batteries inside your safes’ lock keypad. In doing so, we gently remove the battery cover near your lock keypad. Likewise, this can also be a pinch slot that needs to be slightly pushed to open.

After, we are going to extract the batteries and replace it with a new one. Then we are going to test it, before putting back its battery cover. We are known for our smooth works and affordable locksmith price range that fits any budget.

We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week in all streets and corners of Manhattan, Queens/Bronx, and Brooklyn. Call us anytime.

Changing Batteries Inside The Safe Door

We need to open your safe door and lock it in that position. After, we are going to locate the battery housing inside your safe. Our licensed and bonded technicians will remove the battery cover to take out the old batteries and replace it with a new cell.

Then we are going to test if the batteries work, before putting back the battery cover and locking your safe again.

Resolving Dead Safe Batteries in New York

You have two choices in replacing safe’s batteries – DIY or hiring a local locksmith company. If you are not tech-savvy, then hiring us for your safe servicing and repair is a wise choice.

All locksmith work is guaranteed and done on your location. We have experienced and reliable locksmiths to handle all your concerns with faulty safes or battery changing.

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