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Different Kinds of Home Security Mistakes

Different Kinds of Home Security Mistakes

Many burglaries are a result of home security failure which homeowners often overlook. Burglars take advantage of these mistakes and target homes that are not equipped with home security measures. 

Thus, here are the top 6 home security mistakes that you should avoid:

Leaving your doors and windows unlocked. Failing to lock doors or windows is one of the most common safety mistakes people make. Burglars look for easy targets, and an unlocked front door or an open window is easy to get in. 

People usually leave a door unlocked or a window open because they will only take a few minutes outside. However, most burglaries take less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Bushes too near to the home. Bushes and trees can provide cover to burglars hiding and targeting your home. However you don’t have to give up all your plants, instead, give a little more thought to where they should be placed. 

Keys kept outside. Some people think it’s clever to keep keys under the front mat or in a fake rock or under a flowerpot, in fact, it is a serious safety risk. If you are worried about getting locked out, you are much better off leaving a key with a trusted friend or family member.

Dark house. A dark house often indicates the absence of the people occupying there. It is better to leave the front porch and garage lights on when away from the house so as to keep stalkers and burglars away.

Installing cheap locks. Most home burglaries occur through the front door. Hardware stores and locksmith companies offer a wide variety of locks at a wide range of prices, and you should invest in some good quality deadbolt locks and entry doors.

Sharing your travel plans on social media. Social media is great for connecting with friends and family, but never advertise when you’re on trips or when your home will be empty. You will never know who’s watching you on your social media accounts.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you improve your home security and prevent break-ins. Contacting Cobra Locksmith can give you more information on your actual home security mistakes and can assist you to design a modern security system that is customized for your needs.

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