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Safe Drilling Service

When you forget the combinations to your safe and it does not have any override metal keys, our safe drilling service is your most cost-efficient option. Consequently, you have to let a licensed and bonded technician perform this delicate task as it requires extensive experience and proper tools.

If you are looking for a locally operated and owned locksmith in New York, then Cobra Locksmith is your top pick. We take pride in successfully opening many residential and commercial safes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

You can call our hotline at any time of the day when you need a professional safe cracker in New York.

Safe Drilling Service

Extensive Experience in Safe Cracking and Manipulation

Most safes have a thick and solid cobalt plate placed in front of its cam housing and lever. Manufacturers have intentionally done that to slow down or stop any drilling action.

No worries with this, for we have licensed and bonded technicians that know how to effectively perform safe drilling service in NYC. We typically do three methods for our drilling safecracking method – angled, side, and rear safe drilling.

All locksmith work is guaranteed safe and effective. Likewise, all services are being performed at the customer’s location.

Fully Equipped With The Proper Tools

All our locksmiths are duly licensed, trained, and bonded to perform safe drilling service in New York. The cobalt plate is highly durable to withstand the standard drill bit, so we are using a titanium or diamond bit.

Meanwhile, the other tools we are going to use are punch rod, screwdriver, borescope, and a heavy-duty power drill. Nevertheless, we have plenty of more tools and equipment in our van which we can use for our safe drilling service.

Safe and Accurate Safe Drilling Service NYC

As a reputable locksmith and safecracker, it is not our aim to destroy the pack or plate, rather see the lever or drive cam. After getting a clear view, we are going to use a punch rod for pushing it so we can unlock your safe in no time.

The three methods we use for safe drilling services include angled, side, and rear drilling methods. Our technicians will assess your safety before choosing the most appropriate method.

For your safe drilling service needs, contact us.

Side Safe Drilling Service

We will drill at the side of your safe using a nine or ten-inch drill bit, so we can reach for its bolt. After, we are going to use the borescope to view the cam drive or bolt. Once we see it, we are going to use a punch rod to push the lever and unlock your safe.

Rear Safe Drilling Service

We use almost the same tools for rear safe drilling service. Our technicians will bore two holes, one for the borescope and the other for the long screwdriver. The screwdriver will be used to unscrew the plate blocking the wheel pack.

Once the plate is removed, we can already move the bolts and unlock your safe on the spot. Our extensive experience and training will guarantee the safety and accuracy of our safe drilling service.

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