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High Security Locks

Cobra Locksmiths is dedicated to offering the best high-security locksmith services in New York. We’ve got the experience and skills to offer you with a dependable and reliable locksmith service for high-security lock application. Our technicians are trained and experienced to be at your site quickly and provide you with an affordable high-security lock service.

What are High Security Locks?

A high-security lock is a type of lock that offers enhanced security compared to regular ones. Though a lot of locksmiths endorse their locks as high-security, only those that are given an appropriate security rating are considered high-security. Almost every high-security lock utilizes particular properties or designs that enhance its security for a given amount of time.

Can smart door locks be hacked?

The answer to this question greatly depends on how the smart door lock was installed. When a professional locksmith properly installs the lock, a smart door lock can be just as safe as regular door locks. They might even be a lot safer compared to traditional locks since they offer additional security features.

However, smart locks can have vulnerabilities if they are not programmed or manufactured properly. This means that they can be hacked if they aren’t installed properly by a professional locksmith. 

Are biometric door locks secure?

It is uncertain that smart locks provide more security for your house. Again, the answer greatly depends on a couple of factors. Keep in mind that the security of any particular biometric door locks varies on the quality of its software and hardware. If you choose a high-quality biometric door lock installed by a professional locksmith, you can guarantee that it is very secure. On the other hand, hackers might be able to easily hack your lock if you choose a low-quality biometric door lock.

Is a keypad door lock safe?

When it comes to keypad door locks, some love them, some hate them.  The truth is that both sides are pretty much correct. High-quality, professionally-fitted keypad door locks are safe. High-quality locks are vital to securing your property, and anything inside it, but whether a smart lock is right for you, is dependent on the property and your user needs.

The professionals at Cobra Locksmiths specializes in high-security lock installation and can help find the best high-security lock for your property. If you’re ready to take your home’s security seriously, investing in a high-security lock installation is one of the most effective and affordable ways to do so.

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