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Safes NYC – Safe Locksmith NYC

Safes NYC – Safe Locksmith NYC – Cobra Locksmith is NYC’s best locksmith and security company for safe services. We offer safe installation, safe sales, safe repair, safe opening, safe lockout help, and many other locksmith services for safes of all sorts. With a lot of years of experience in Safe Locksmith NYC, Cobra Locksmith is a proven choice for affordable and trusted safe locksmith services.
Your safe is where you or your company can securely keep your most valuable assets, such as cash, jewelry, and company papers. But what happens when something goes wrong, and you can’t gain access?
Cobra Locksmith offers expert Safes NYC services to residential and commercial clients throughout New York City. We can open nearly any type of safe, including home safes, office safes, depository safes, and other commercial safes.

Safes NYC – Safe Locksmith NYC

High Quality Safe NYC Services

At Cobra Locksmith, our local locksmith company specializes in Safes NYC services such as safe opening, safe cracking, and safe repair. We can solve any safe-related problem you may have. Our comprehensive services also include: safe repair work, safe combination change, safe bolt down to the floor, safe tune up, changing of safe keys, changing of safe locks, safe drilling, safe picking and jewelry safe work.

We offer expert locksmith services in all areas of NYC. We have a take charge approach to home security and make it our mission to keep all residents safe and secure. Our established residential and commercial locksmith Safe Locksmith NYC company has had many years of experience and education in everything safe-related.

Safe Repair NYC

At Cobra Locksmith, we are proud to say that we have expert Safe Locksmith NYC technicians, ready to service any of your vault and safe needs throughout New York City. Understanding the time sensitivity of accessing what’s in your safe, our team diagnoses, troubleshoots, repairs and/or replaces your safes. Using fiber optic scopes to be as precise as possible, our staff is continually modernizing our knowledge of new equipment, to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest information on safes and their locking systems.

Cobra Locksmiths is located at 353 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

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Safe Repair NYC

In the interest of protecting your valuable items and personal belongings, Cobra Locksmith offers home safe installation for NYC residence. Our vast selection of safes includes some of the top brands in the industry.

Our trained Safe Locksmith NYC technicians can determine the appropriate safe model for your residence. Our staff can install wall safes, jewelry safes, high-security safes and gun safes. Some safes can be simply placed in a specific area of your home, while others can be mounted and installed within a wall. Wall safes can either be recess mounted or flush mounted in a wall, providing you the option of being able to conceal your safe, so that it is hidden from view for extra protection.

Safe Locksmith Near Me

Cobra Locksmith is your local safe locksmith in NYC. We offer commercial and residential Safe Locksmith NYC installation and safe-opening services at competitive prices. Cobra Locksmith is known for progressive development in designs, materials, products and safe locking mechanisms.

Our stock includes a wide variety of safes including floor and wall units, executive safes, heavy duty commercial safes, fireproof lock-boxes, and specialty safes with hoppers or vault doors for business applications. All safes are matched with dependable warranties. Our knowledgeable technicians will advise you in finding the safe that meets your particular needs. Call now for high quality safe NYC services.

Safe Services
  • Combination Recovery

Have you forgotten the combination of your safe? Well, don’t worry. Cobra Locksmith is here to help. We will be able to help you gain entry into a safe you are locked out of. Safes are very intricate devices, and if they are not treated properly, you could potentially damage your security investment and the contents of your safe as well. Luckily, Cobra Locksmith is familiar with all forms of safes, and our technicians are knowledgeable about any particular safe.

  • Combination Change

Is the combination of your safe compromised? You have to change the combination right away! If that’s the case, do not hesitate to contact the expert technicians of Cobra Locksmith. Aside from that, it is also ideal to change the combination of your safe regularly to avoid theft.

  • General Safe Maintenance Services

It’s always a great idea to service your safe annually. Safes are just like cars, with moving parts that can wear causing lock malfunction preventing your safe from being opened. It is much cheaper and easier to service your safe to prevent lock malfunction whilst the safe is operational. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they can’t open their safe and then calling us. If you have a safe for business use it’s also a good idea to change your combination regularly. Many people don’t know how to go about a safe combination change. With Cobra Locksmith, we can service your safe and also instruct our customers on how to go about a combination change.

  • Dial Repair Services

With many years of experience, opening, servicing, and maintaining safes and vaults, our technicians are also reliable when it comes to dial repair services. We have dealt with safes from all make and models, antique to modern, we know it. From commercial offices to residential homes, we offer dial repair service for your safe.

  • Lock Upgrades

When a security safe lock starts to malfunction, it’s important to take steps to remedy the problem immediately. Many people believe that the lock they have on their safe is the lock they are stuck with and if they want to replace or upgrade that lock, they will have to buy a whole new safe. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Cobra Locksmith has the proper training and expertise. We are fully capable of replacing or upgrading the locks on almost any make or model of security safe on the market and save you the cost of a total security safe replacement in the process.

  • Battery Changes

The technicians at Cobra Locksmith can also change the dead batteries of your safe. If you do not know how to change batteries, you might damage the safe itself. That’s why it is better to hire a professional, such as Cobra Locksmith, to do the job.

  • Safe Bolt Down

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to properly bolt down safely. The reason for bolting down your safe boils down to the fact that it is important for the protection of your personal safety and the security of your valuables, not to mention the integrity of your structure. Whether you’re looking to move your safe or you simply want to make sure it stays in place, Cobra Locksmith has the tools and expertise to get the job done right.

  • Safe Tune Up

Here at Cobra Locksmith, we have been helping homeowners and businesses throughout NYC with their safe tune up needs for many years, and we can help you too. Whether you need access to a small, personal safe in your home or a much larger one in your business facility, our expert locksmiths are up to the task.

  • Changing of Safe Keys

Our locksmiths are fully equipped with everything they’ll need to work on changing the keys of your safe. It is only in especially rare cases that we need to bring a safe back to our shop for additional work. This means that we can change the keys of your safe on-site. You can count on our safe locksmiths to make the entire process as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

  • Changing of Safe Locks

Safes are excellent for protecting your valuables, weapons, and other important items. However, it can present quite a problem if you are having difficulty opening your safe. Safes are designed to keep people out, not to give you easy access, even if the safe in question is your own. If you need to change the locks of your safe, you’ll need an experienced safe locksmith to help you regain access. Contact Cobra Locksmith right away!

  • Safe Drilling

Drilling is another common method that we can employ to open a safe. This method is a lot faster than manipulating the safe but it does cause some minor cosmetic damage. That’s why we only recommend this service if there’s no other way to open your safe.

  • Safe Picking

Picking is another method that we can use to open your safe. It isn’t as quick as drilling. However, safe picking will not damage any components of your safe.

  • Safe Opening

If you have forgotten your combination or your safe lock is malfunctioning, you need a locksmith to come open your safe. We know that if you have a safe to keep your valuables secure, you also need to have access to your valuables. When you call Cobra Locksmith to open your safe, you know that you will get professional, honest service from our locksmiths. We will always try to use the least invasive method possible such as dial manipulation or lock scoping. However, there are times the lock will have to be drilled to gain access. Nevertheless, we will make sure the valuables inside the safe are unharmed when performing your safe opening.

  • Safe Repair

Safes provide the homeowner with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your valuable heirlooms, photos, and documents are completely protected from fire, theft, flooding, or other natural disasters. That is why they are such an integral part of any home’s security program. Our master locksmiths have all of the tools and expertise needed to service nearly any make and model of safe available on the market today.

  • Emergency Safe Lockouts

We are a locally operated company, and we have built our reputation over the years thanks to our dedication to quality, integrity, customer service, and pride. We set ourselves apart from other locksmith companies by placing our emphasis on customer satisfaction. We are also available 24/7. Thus, we can help you at any time and any day!

  • Digitize

Cobra locksmith also offers digitized service. If you want to change your lock from mechanical to digital, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Scoping

Cobra Locksmith offers safe scoping services. Scoping a safe is almost the same as drilling, the only difference between the two methods is the inclusion of a borescope. It’s a device that is utilized to inspect the internal makeup of a structure by inserting it into a small hole.

  • Prying

Prying the safe will involve a safe locksmith trying to pry the safe’s door and its bolts right out of the safe. This technique includes a lot of time and energy to be expended while still damaging the lock. Because of this we only consider it as a last resort method if other methods won’t work.

  • Safe Programming

We understand that your safe needs to be secure in order to protect your valuables.  Our locksmiths have extensive knowledge on safes and how to program them or rekey them.  Our prices are competitive, as well as set.  So when you call us you can get an honest quote, and your safety will be programmed fixed very quickly.

  • Safe Won’t Open

When a safe won’t open, it could be for any number of reasons. But the goal is always the same. You need to know what to do to get back inside your locked safe. You should not try opening the safe by yourself because you might damage it. It’s best to call a professional locksmith, such as Cobra Locksmith.

  • Dead Batteries

Dead batteries are really not that big of an issue when it comes to safes. Usually, the first sign that the safe batteries are dead is usually a longer series of beeps when you input your code or a warning on the display panel if you have one.

  • Jammed Bolt Work

Oftentimes, the bolt work can get jammed for a huge range of reasons. A jam can be the culprit if you hear the motor trying to retract the bolt work, but the safe will not open.

  • Lockout Mode

If too many wrong codes are entered, a lot of safes go into penalty lockout mode. Usually, it emits a rapid series of beeps. This depends on the type of keypad. If this happens, wait for a couple of minutes, and try again.

  • Deactivated Code

Having a deactivated code is another potential reason your safe will not open. To see if this is really the problem, you can ask someone to try their code.

  • Disconnected and/or Damaged Wiring

Wiring can get damaged and/or disconnected, just like any electronic gadget. To see if they have come loose, are kinked, or cut, get rid of the keypad and check the wires.

  • Safe Relocks Before Opening

You need to open the safe by turning its handle right away after you put in your code. If you don’t do this, it will relock after several seconds. This happens because the electronic lock of your safe is equipped with a feature that relocks the safe.

  • Handle Jammed

If the handle of your safe is jammed, you should not force it to open. Else, it will only worsen the damage. Contact a professional locksmith right away to safely open your safe and fix it.

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