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Emergency Safe Lockouts Service

Your durable safe is engineered to house your valuable items and documents, so it will be safe from burglars, fire, and other natural elements. Your safe can be actuated by a safe dial, keypad combination, and a metal key. What if suddenly you cannot access your safe? What will you do?

Fortunately, you can avail of our emergency safe lockout service in New York. We have extensive experience when it comes to understanding a safe mechanism and how we can unlock it in no time.

We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you can call us anytime.

Emergency Safe Lockouts Service

Reasons for Safe Lockouts

You have various reasons why you can no longer access your safes. When you experience this dilemma, it is best to let the professionals handle this and avail of our emergency safe lockout service. Below are the reasons for safe lockouts.

  • You Forgot the Combination

Forgetting the passcode is a common reason why owners cannot access their safes and vaults. Luckily, our licensed and bonded technicians have solid experience and training for recovering safe combinations.

  • Broken Safe Dial or Keypad

When your safe suddenly drops on the ground or floor, it can damage its safe dial or electronic keypad. Likewise, burglary actions on your safe usually lead to a broken safe dial and keypad as well.

  • Keypad Battery Is Dead

If frequently use your safes, there is a huge possibility that its safe lock batteries are worn out. A dead battery won’t allow you to access your safe even when you are entering the right passcode.

How Do We Resolve Emergency Safe Lockouts

For our emergency safe lockout service, we guarantee 15 minutes response time anywhere in New York. All our locksmiths are duly licensed, trained, and bonded to perform the following safe unlocking methods at the customer’s location.

If you need our technical assistance, do not hesitate to call our hotline.

Safe Cutting

It is a destructive but effective method of unlocking your safes. We use a saw and torch for the job, so we can cut through your hardened safes.

Safe Drilling

Our locksmiths will drill at least two holes in your safe – one for the borescope and the other for the push rod or long screwdriver. Our aim is not to destroy the plate, yet to see the cam drive and unlock it.

Safe Combination Recovery

It is another non-destructive emergency safe lockout service that we offer to our clients. We use special equipment that will help us decode your safes’ combination.

Key Override

It is great if you read the manual of your electronic and mechanical safes, so you can determine if it has a secondary metal key override. If it has, then you can unlock your safes without causing any damages.

Safe Lock Picking

It is another non-destructive safe unlocking method that takes sufficient time than safe drilling. Our technicians have the best skills when it comes to safe lock picking for our emergency safe lockout service.

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Cobra Locksmith routinely provides a quick response around the clock for our emergency safe lockout service in New York. If you need a free estimate, consultation, or appointment, call our hotline right away.

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