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Rekeying or Lock Replacement? Which One Should I Choose?

Rekeying or Lock Replacement? Which One Should I Choose?

Rekeying and changing your locks are both the same choice that you can apply for the security of your establishment and ensure that all your staff can access the areas they are allowed. 

Rekeyable door lock systems have various benefits, allowing you to avoid replacing hardware unless it’s totally damaged. Now let’s take a look at the best ways of replacing locks and rekeying to help you decide what’s the best choice for your business.

Rekeying locks

When you rekey your locks, you’re changing the lock mechanisms so that the old key will not be able to open it. In fact, rekeying your locks makes more sense than changing your locks, in a particular manner. Like if all of your locks are on the same brand or they have a similar type of keyhole yet use different keys, you can rekey your locks to operate using the same key. 

Also, if you’ve lost or broken the copy of your old key and you’re worried when an intruder accesses your home, then rekeying your lock is the best choice. Lastly, if you’ve moved into a new home and you prefer an affordable option, rekeying your lock will work for you. Imagine the risk to your family if the previous homeowners have multiple copies of your keys. 

Replacing locks

You need to change your locks if you want to upgrade your security system, like buying electronic locks or fingerprint smart door locks. You can also choose to replace your locks if you prefer different quality or color of your lock in case you moved into a new home with old and corroded locks.

Additionally, rekeying your lock is much cheaper than replacing a lock since it only needs to change key pins inside the lock, compared to replacing the locks that require all brand new parts. While replacing locks requires thorough learning, having the complete tools which can be pricey, needs ample time, and is very risky. 

To prevent such risk, it’s always best to hire a highly reliable locksmith. Consulting Cobra Locksmith is a great way to determine your needs. We can help you learn more about rekeyable locks and offer you precise advice to upgrade your security using a preferable lock system. 

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