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New York city is one of the biggest and densely populated cities in the United States which is probably the biggest hub for both commercial and global businesses. This city is a dream city for everyone in this world due to its proficiency and excellency in every aspect. Times Square, which is a pretty much popular place among the people from all over the world due to its many bradway cinemas, theatres and electronic hubs, is also present in New York City. This city is an exciting place for every youngster to explore his or her talent and skills due to the availability of large scale industries and business setup by MNCs. There are many different popular landmark places in New York City including The Times square, Statue of Liberty and Central Park.
The world is getting attracted towards this city due to its large exposure all over the world. The beauty of this incredible city is one of its great strengths that attracts tourism from all over the world. Tall buildings with great infrastructure integrated with better road connectivity enables the movement of people from one place to another very conveniently. Majority of the people who reside in this city are wealthy and prosperous. Properties here in NYC are probably the most expensive properties among all places from all over the world. Huge businesses and industrial setup here in this city makes it the biggest hub for revenue generation in the United States. World’s biggest economic forum where investors from all over the world comes exclusively in this city because it is among one of the most promising places in the world where higher returns are guaranteed. There are many more wonderful facts about this city that we will describe further in this blog.

Popular Places in New York City

There are lots of different popular places and public hotspots in New York City which are definitely must-visit places for all. Tourism in NYC is one of its greatest sources for both employment generation and revenue generation. Popular historic monuments, statues and buildings constructed using the latest infrastructure technology are all very delightful and magnificent for the tourists. So, let’s have a look on popular places of NYC:

Statue of Liberty: Among all the different wonders of the world, Statue of Unity remains the biggest wonder because of its extraordinary importance and architectural structure that is just mind-blowing. This statue is one of the oldest statues in the United States that symbolizes the symbol of freedom and democracy. This revolutionary structure is probably the most well-known structure in the world and that’s why it has become the most visited tourist spot in the world. People are always very excited to visit this place in order to explore this wonderful structure. The Statue of Liberty in NYC is located at Upper New York Bay Island.  

Times Square: After Statue of Liberty, Times Square which is popularly known as “Crossroads of the world” becomes the second most popular place in NYC. This place is located in Central Manhattan near the intersection of Broadway and the seventh avenue. This tourist spot is a very popular place among the people from past many decades. Big Cinemas and theatre screens installed on the outer walls of the buildings at this place creates an attractive view especially in the evening and night time. Popular electronic hubs are also present nearby this place where the latest electronic gadgets of big brands are displayed for promotions and advertisements. Furthermore, celebrations of new year eve here at Times Square is the most energetic event which is organized every year. People gather at this place to celebrate and welcome New upcoming year happily with their full energy and aspirations. Even on normal days here at Time Square, you will find people roaming around for sightseeing even at midnight time. Shops and restaurants are open till 2am midnight and this is what the actual beauty of this place is. 

Empire State Building: Empire State Building is a glorious 102-story skyscraper that attracts tourists from all over the world in large numbers. This place in NYC has emerged to be one of the best tourist spots in recent years after Time Square and Statue of Liberty. To get a splendid view of this incredible city from the topmost floor, you can buy express passes and can enjoy this terrific view to create some unforgettable memories. You can purchase passes either online from website or through any certified travel agent. This tourist hotspot is located in Manhattan, New York City, USA. The Empire State Building was once included in the list of eight wonders of the World. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: To explore the beauty of the world’s finest cultural art collections, The Metropolitan museum of Art in NYC becomes a great tourist spot. It is the largest museum of the United States which is pretty much popular among the people from all over the world. Great statutes and marvellous masterpieces of incredible cultural art are displayed in this museum. Stunning exhibitions are organized in this museum where locals and tourists frequently visit for sightseeing purposes. So, if you are visiting NYC for the first time, then we strongly recommend you to visit this incredible museum at least once. 

Brooklyn Bridge: The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the United States that was constructed way back in 1883. Strong pillars of this ancient bridge are constructed by limestone, granite and cement. This marvellous wonder of architectural masterpiece connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Sightseeing of this bridge becomes even more beautiful and attractive at night time. You can walk around this bridge at night time and can take snapshots of this sensational wonder of beauty in your mobile camera.

Central Park: This is another very amazing tourist spot in New York city which is known for its blush greenery and attractive walk paths. Inside the central park, you will get to see a lot of different species and greenery where you can sit along with your mates and can enjoy. Tourists will feel the touch of natural beauty where their mind will relax and become more stable. Children can play and run cycles inside this park for their entertainment. Moreover, there are canteens available inside the Central Park where you can sit to have some snacks and soft drinks. This phenomenal sightseeing view of central park also includes the presentation of different bird species and animals of North America. Amazing exotic views of natural scenes makes Central Park a perfect place to visit in New York City. 

Grand Central Terminal: The Grand Central terminal of New York City is a historic landmark which is located in Midtown, Manhattan. This place is also popularly known as Grand Central Station where NYC subway trains originate and terminate as well. There are around 44 big platforms built on this station. Basic facilities like availability of drinking water is probably available on every single platform. Tourists may also find premium restaurants on this Grand Central Station where they can eat snacks and have soft drinks. The overall architecture of this place is really very amazing and sensational which will definitely make some adventurous memories in your mind. You can board the NYC subway train from there and can travel to any preferable place very conveniently.                             

So, these were some 7 amazing and wonderful places in NYC which are must-visit places. All these tourist spots are pretty much popular and have their own importance, history and significance.

Demographics of NYC

New York City is probably the highest populated city of the United States. This diverse population has been spread in many different metropolitan areas of NYC. Immigrants from other countries come here to settle for their work because there is a huge setup of industries in NYC which requires manpower. Moreover, this city is also a big technology hub where a huge number of IT companies have been established in recent years. Only New York City is alone, home to almost 8.5 Million people according to the 2014 census. This is almost 40 percent of the total population of the whole New York State. Last decade has witnessed a massive growth and development in this city which is attracting immigrants in huge numbers.
Moreover, people of the USA who live in different states are also shifting towards this city for better work opportunities and pay scale which is directly increasing the population strength day by day. Billions of Dollars of revenue is generated each year only within New York city that specifically shows how important this city is for the total economy of the USA.
English language is the most spoken type of language in the city irrespective of the fact that there is a huge population of immigrants present in the city. New York City is the most linguistically diverse city in the world where more than 800 languages are spoken by the citizens.

History of New York City

The history of New York City is also very diversified and old. In the sixteenth century, the Dutch rule was established and ruling in the city whereas in the late sixteenth century, British rule was established. After an American revolution in the eighteen century, this city developed its status as a national and international trading centre by American people. Throughout the 20th century, this city was the main center for commerce, industries and communication among the people. In 1952, New York city was selected as the preferred choice to construct the headquarters of the United Nations.
In the late 1970’s, New York also suffered a lot of economic loss due to internal reconstruction of the city. The crime rate of NYC gradually increased due to higher unemployment rate. But after 20 years of long development and growth, this city again becomes a hotspot for trade and commerce. After new policies launched by the New York Police Department in late 1990’s against the criminals also helped to reduce the crime rate upto a very large extent. After the September 11, 2001 attacks when two hijacked planes were smashed into the building of the World Trade Center which cost the life of around more than 2200 people, the economic condition of New York City again became very poor. However, new strategic growth plans and stable government improved the condition quite enormously over the few years. A memorial to remember those people who lost their lives in that attack was also constructed near the World Trade Center. September 11 is still registered as a Black day in the history of the United States. The reconstruction of the World Trade Centre took several years with Millions of Dollars of investment but this time it has become a more developed and popular hotspot for business expansion and growth opportunities.

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