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Benefits of Using a Kepad Lock

Benefits of Using a Kepad Lock

How many times have you lost or forgotten your keys? And how much has that cost you in time, stress, or money?

With so much of our lives online or in the cloud these day, why are old fashioned keys the only relic left to be digitized?

Keypad locks

Keypad locks are not new but their functionality has improved significantly in recent years while the cost of even the best systems have declined to make them affordable for the average family.

Current models from leading manufacturers offer homeowners do-it-yourself instillation and code changes, lights and sensors, as well as twenty-four seven technical support and lifetime warranties.

Obviously, the principle function of a good lock should be safety.

Keypad locks have become increasingly secure when compared with alternatives. They not only prevent lock picking or forgeries, today keypad versions are often more durable than traditional locks or bolts.

In anticipation of any digital methods for bypassing the lock, manufacturers have built in sophisticated programs and safeguards to stay ahead of any would be cyber criminals.

Another benefit of keypad locks is the ease of use and convenient lifestyle it provides.

Let us describe a scenario that should be common for many readers. It’s early in the morning, you’re running late, bury eyed you rush out the door only to realize the keys didn’t make it out with you. If you’re lucky, they’re back inside and a furious search begins, only compounding your tardiness. If only you had a keypad lock!

With a simple combination, you can forget about all the stress losing, misplacing, and looking for you keys inevitably causes. Then, when it comes time to change your lock, its a matter of resenting the code instead of going through the hassle of replacing the whole system.

There are also unexpected benefits to being able to give the combination to anyone who might share your house or need to get in for whatever reason. Scheduling a cleaner, cable guy, or any service provider during the workday becomes as easy as texting them the code. Worried about security? Think leaving a key under the mat is any safer?

For landlords, property managers, or even AirBnB hosts, keypad locks are an obvious solution to a number of problems. Installing one of these systems will not only offer the same convenience described above but also save money by avoiding costly work every time a new tenant or guest arrives.

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