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what is a transponder key

What is a Transponder Key?

Most cars built during or after 1995 contain a transponder chip which improves security and combats car theft in a number of ways. You may know that your car is equipped with one but you may still be wondering, ‘what is a transponder key?’

A transponder key works to match the authenticity of the key with the vehicle before the car will start. The presence of a small microchip in the plastic part of the key is able to ensure that the car is only started with the right equipment. After the car key turns in the ignition slot the engine control unit sends an electronic message to the key. The key has to send back the correct response to prove authenticity, after which the car will start and drive with no issues.

This creates two levels of protection as the key has to first be cut correctly to turn the internal locks and it also has to be programmed to comply with the internal transponder messages. A transponder key ultimately equips your car with maximum protection and makes it virtually theft-proof. Without a positive confirmation from the unique serial number message in the transponder key the car will remain immobilized.

The process to match and program transponder keys does require specialized equipment and skilled technicians; luckily for you, Cobra Locksmiths has both. Call Cobra Locksmiths at 347-797-1671 if you need a replacement transponder key to be cut and programmed.

In addition, a transponder key holds a great advantage in cases of stolen or lost car keys. Once an auto locksmith programs a replacement key, he can also erase the memory of the lost transponder chip from the vehicle’s computer

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