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what is a high security lock

What is High Security Lock?

We use locks to secure, protect, and safeguard our valuable possessions and we often choose to install stronger high security locks for items or spaces that we care most for. High security locks increase the resistance to compromise and are designed so that defeating the lock becomes too time consuming or expensive for thieves. There are several internal designs and intentions that are built into these stronger locks and the familiar brands like Mul-T-Lock and Medeco have mastered the technology.

High Security Lock Benefits

  • Bump Key Proof. The process of key bumping requires a generic style, modified key that fits into the lock and then can be ‘bumped’ or physically jolted, commonly with a hammer, to manually shoot the internal pins up, freeing the plug to turn. Added security pins are the most common components in high security locks to combat bump keying.
  • Lock Pick Proof. Lock picking, another entry method, utilizes small irregularities in locks so that they can be opened by physically maneuvering and manipulating the internal workings. Restrictive keyways make it difficult to insert or work with unintended tools in the keyway.
  • Key Control. High security locks usually require the presentation of a special security card or key card for duplication of keys to prevent unauthorized manufacturing.
  • Forced Entry Resistance. High security locks are stronger and sturdier against attacks of physical force. Hardened materials are built together to share blows of force and hold strong.

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