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The 5 Top Choices for Garage Door Locks

The 5 Top Choices for Garage Door Locks

The security of your home is dependent on the type of locks you have installed. A poor choice in the type of garage lock installed could be an avenue for a security breach in your home. Garage door locks should be top notch just like any other entryway into your home. The following are the top five choices for garage door locks.

Digital Locks

Digital locks do not use keys to operate. To gain entry, input the correct combination of numbers on the digital keypad. Picking of the digital locks of today is not easy since they are mechanical, making the security level of the lock very high.

Digital locks will keep out any intruders out of your garage and out of your home.

T-Handle Locks

A garage door made of metal is the best to install this type of lock. Unlike the digital locks, the t-handle locks use a key to open. With the technology employed by manufacturers of this kind of lock, the keys to the lock are uniquely shaped, and duplication is hardly possible.

Electronically Operated Locks

These locks use the latest and modern technology to keep an intruder out of your garage and out of your home. Instead of keys or digital keypads, electronically operated locks use fingerprint scanners to let in members of your home. A program in the lock can record some fingerprints to allow each who lives in your home to gain access. This is the top of the range locking system, and it does not come cheap either.

Side mounted Bolt

The garage door crack is the mounting for the side-mounted bolt. You can access this type of lock is accessed only from the inside of the garage. It has achieved a huge acclaim for its simple and yet efficient design locking system and it you do not have to break the bank to install it.

Garage Door Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks employ two kinds of systems, one and two cylinder locks. The two cylinders allow you or a member of the family to open the garage door from either side of the door. One cylinder, on the other hand, permits the opening of the garage door from the outside and a knob on the inside of the garage.

A lot goes into making the exterior of the house look attractive. The next thing should be to make the home secure from burglars and thieves. Consult a locksmith in your locality to get the prices of each lock.

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