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Should I Change The Locks in My New House?

Should I Change The Locks in My New House?

Security should always be a top concern when moving into a new place. Changing the locks on a new home is one of the best ideas because you can’t really be sure who has access to the property. It can keep you, your family, and your home protected from intruders and can give you peace of mind. 

Here are the reasons why you should change your keys when moving to a new home, whether you’re renting or buying your own home.

Someone might have duplicate keys

Even if your home is brand new and the builder presents you with keys for your front and back door locks, you can never assure if others have duplicate keys. Many builders use construction locks that are universal to their business. They keep these utility locks on doors during the building process and recycle them from house to house. 

Existing locks are risky to break-ins

Burglars are terrible invaders of your personal space, they don’t leave any expensive things once they enter your house. When you’ve experienced a break-in, you have to assume the worst. The worst scenario is that the burglars who did it have a copy of your keys and have control of your locks. 

Your locks might be old and weary

Locks do wear out. Like any other product with moving components, locks get wear and tear. You can take a look at your locks for signs of stress. They might be stiff or extremely loose. Your locks could be too weary and might be totally torn down without warning.

For renovation and change of style

Replacing your door locks during the renovation process is just a tiny portion of your overall remodeling budget. Changing style is probably one of your main reasons for upgrading your look and feel. Your old locks may be a different brand than you prefer or manufactured in an era that shows dated style. 

Nonetheless, changing your locks depends on different situations. This involves either replacing them or rekeying them. Both methods ensure that old keys will no longer open the lock. 

Moreover, Cobra Locksmith can give you more information on changing out the locks on your house. Our company is the best choice to determine your lock replacement needs. 

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