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Subaru Key Replacement

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Did your Subaru key break? Did you lose your Subaru key? No matter what the challenge is, Cobra Locksmiths can solve the problem at no time. We cut and program keys for all Subaru models, at your location.

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Subaru, a renowned car brand recognized worldwide for its commitment to safety and longevity, has won the hearts of millions with its versatile range of vehicles. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of New York or embarking on a cross-country road trip, a Subaru never fails to deliver a reliable and comfortable driving experience.

However, like any car, there may come a time when you require a Subaru key replacement. Maybe you’ve lost your keys, or they’re damaged, or perhaps you simply need a spare. Whatever the circumstance, obtaining a replacement key for your Subaru is not a daunting task when you know the right steps to take.

We have a comprehensive guide to ensure a swift return to the driver’s seat of your cherished Subaru.

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Auto Locksmith Services We Provide

transponder keys

Subaru Transponder Keys. Cut and program all types of Subaru transponder keys at your location

transponder keys

High Security Keys. Cut Laser Keys and high security keys for newer Subaru models

lockout service

Subaru Locks & Cylinders Repair. Your Subaru key stop turning in the cylinder? Repair or replace Subaru door locks and rekey it to your existing key

24 hours lockout

24 hour Lockout Services. Open any type of Subaru, 24/7- 365 days a year without causing any damage to your car

ignition cylinder key

24 hour Lockout Services. Open any type of Subaru, 24/7- 365 days a year without causing any damage to your car

No matter if it is a brand new Suabru Impreza key that you need or a good old Tribeca key, we can cut and program it for you!

Subaru Key Replacement
Subaru Key Replacement

Cut subaru keys replacement for all models Keys For The Following Models

  • B9 Tribeca
  • Baja
  • DL, GL, Std
  • Brat
  • Forester
  • Impreza, Impreza WRX
  • Legacy, Legacy Outback
  • Loyale & Justy
  • B9 Tribeca
  • Baja
  • DL, GL, Std
  • Brat
  • Outback
  • SVX
  • Forester
  • Impreza, Impreza WRX
  • Legacy, Legacy Outback
  • Loyale & Justy
  • WRX
  • XT-6

The Complex Nature of Subaru Keys

Modern Subaru keys are not just simple pieces of metal; they are complex devices stuffed with advanced technology. Most Subaru keys include transponder chips — a security feature communicating with your vehicle’s ignition system. When you insert your key, the transponder chip sends a unique signal to your car’s computer. If the signal matches, the car starts; if not, the car remains immobilized. This technology significantly reduces the risk of car theft but complicates key replacement.

In addition to the transponder chip, many Subaru keys now feature integrated fob functions, with buttons to quickly lock and unlock doors, open the boot, or even start the car remotely. These features, while convenient, require additional programming during the key replacement process.

Given the high-tech nature of Subaru keys, it’s advisable to seek professional help when you need a replacement. Expert locksmiths have the tools and knowledge to create new keys, program transponder chips, and sync key fobs. They can ensure your replacement key works just as well as the original, maintain the integrity of your car’s security system, and save you the frustration of navigating this complex process yourself.

Common Issues Leading to the Need for Subaru Key Replacement

  • Lost or Misplaced Keys: The most common issue leading to the need for a key replacement is simply losing or misplacing your keys. Despite our best efforts, keys habitually disappear at the most inconvenient times.
  • Damaged Keys: Keys may become worn out and damaged over time due to regular use. This could lead to the key not fitting properly in the ignition or door lock, ultimately requiring replacement.
  • Stolen Keys: Stolen keys must be replaced immediately for security reasons. In this case, you may also consider rekeying your locks.
  • Faulty Transponder Chip: Subaru keys have transponder chips for added security. If this chip fails or becomes faulty, the car won’t start even if the key fits into the ignition, necessitating a key replacement.
  • Need for a Spare Key: A spare key is always a good idea. It can also save you from a lot of hassle in case you lose or damage your main key.
  • Broken Key in Lock or Ignition: Sometimes, keys break or snap within the lock or ignition. In this case, not only will you need a new key, but you might also need professional help to remove the broken piece.

If you’re facing any of these issues, it’s important to consult with a professional locksmith service. They can provide the appropriate solution tailored to your needs and ensure better safety and security of your vehicle.


The Process of Subaru Key Replacement

The process of replacing a Subaru key usually consists of multiple steps, with the duration varying based on the complexity of your key and the availability of the required equipment.

  1. Verification of Ownership: The first step in Subaru key replacement is verifying the car’s ownership. This is a significant security measure to ensure that only the rightful owner can obtain a replacement key. You must provide proof of ownership, such as the vehicle registration, VIN, and photo ID.
  2. Key Code Retrieval: Next, the locksmith will retrieve the key code for your vehicle using the VIN. This code allows them to produce a key that matches the original.
  3. Key Cutting: With the key code, the locksmith will cut a new key. If your key has a transponder chip, this will be taken care of in the next step.
  4. Transponder Programming: The locksmith will program the new key’s transponder chip to communicate with your vehicle’s ignition system. This step may require specialized equipment and knowledge, so professional locksmith services are recommended. If your key also has a key fob, this will also be programmed at this stage.
  5. Quality Testing: Finally, the new key will be tested to ensure it can start the car, unlock the doors, and ensure that any integrated fob functions work correctly.

The total time required for a complete Subaru key replacement may vary. Simple key replacements without a transponder chip or fob functions can take as little as 20-30 minutes. However, the process can take up to an hour or more for keys with transponder chips and integrated fobs as it involves more intricate programming. Regardless of the complexity of your key, a professional locksmith service can ensure a seamless and efficient key replacement, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

Cost Factors in Subaru Key Replacement

The cost of a Subaru key replacement can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Model of the Subaru: Different Subaru models may use different types of keys. Consequently, a key replacement for some models may be costlier than others due to the complexity of the key design and the technology it employs.
  • Type of Key: The key type is a significant factor in the replacement cost. Traditional keys without any special features are relatively cheap to replace. However, keys equipped with transponder chips or integrated fobs are more expensive due to the additional technology and programming required.
  • Service Chosen: The choice of service also impacts cost. Going through a dealership may be costlier than using a locksmith service. However, considering the complexity of modern Subaru keys, it’s worth investing in a service with the expertise and equipment to handle the task professionally.
  • Location: Lastly, your location can also influence the cost of Subaru key replacements. Prices can vary from city to city and between rural and urban areas owing to differences in local market rates.
Alternative Options for Subaru Key Replacement

DIY Key Replacement: Pros and Cons
DIY Key Replacement is an option some people consider to cut costs. It presents a few advantages but also has its fair share of drawbacks.
Pros of DIY Key Replacement

  • Cost-Effective: The most apparent advantage of DIY key replacement is the potential for cost savings. By sourcing parts yourself and avoiding service fees, you can pay significantly less than you would through a professional service.
  • Learning Experience: If you are interested in car mechanics or locksmithing, replacing a key yourself can be an educational experience.

Cons of DIY Key Replacement

  • Time-Consuming: One significant drawback of DIY key replacement is the time it can take. Without professional experience and equipment, what might be a quick job for a locksmith can turn into a lengthy project.
  • Potential for Errors: Without the right knowledge and tools, there’s a risk of mistakes. In the worst-case scenario, a blunder could damage your car’s ignition system or lock, leading to more costly repairs.
  • Lack of Professional Equipment: Professional locksmiths have specialized tools to handle key replacement intricacies, especially when programming transponder chips and key fobs. The lack of these tools can make a DIY job more challenging or even impossible.
  • No Guarantee or Warranty: When you work with a professional locksmith, their services typically come with a guarantee or warranty. In contrast, DIY efforts come with no such assurance.

While DIY key replacement might seem like a way to save money, weighing these pros and cons is essential. For many, the cost savings might not be worth the potential hassle, time, and risk of errors. Therefore, seeking professional help is often the more reliable and stress-free option.
Dealership Replacement Vs. Locksmith Key Replacement
Regarding Subaru key replacement, you have two primary options: going to a dealership or hiring a locksmith. Both have their merits, but certain advantages make locksmith services the better choice for many Subaru owners.
Dealership Replacement
Dealerships are a common choice for key replacement due to their direct connection with the manufacturer. They have access to original equipment and in-depth knowledge about your vehicle’s specific make and model. However, they tend to be more expensive, often require appointments (which could potentially mean days without a functioning key), and are not always conveniently located.
Locksmith Key Replacement
Professional locksmiths, on the other hand, provide a more flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solution. They are skilled in dealing with many car brands and models, including Subaru, and have the tools to cut and program keys efficiently.

Here are a few reasons why a locksmith service can be a better choice:

  • Convenience: Locksmiths often offer mobile services, which means they can come to you wherever you are. This eliminates needing to tow your vehicle to a local dealer if you’ve lost all your keys.
  • Speed: Locksmiths can usually provide on-the-spot service in minutes, making them an excellent option for emergencies when you’re locked out of your car or need a replacement key right away.
  • Cost: Even though locksmiths provide a specialized service, their costs are often significantly lower than those of dealerships. A dealership might charge a premium price for the same services a locksmith can provide at a more reasonable cost.
  • Experience: Professional locksmiths deal with various lock and key issues daily, so they have broad experience to draw from. This expertise allows them to handle even complex key systems without trouble.

So, while both local dealers and locksmiths can provide Subaru key replacement, the latter is often the more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient. Whether you’ve lost your key, it’s damaged, or you need a duplicate, hiring a professional locksmith can ensure a quick and reliable solution to get you back on the road.

Ready for a Hassle-Free Subaru Key Replacement? Contact Cobra Locksmith Today!

For top-notch Subaru key replacement services in New York, your search ends here with Cobra Locksmith. Our experienced and skilled locksmiths are fully equipped to handle any type of Subaru key replacement efficiently and professionally. We understand the intricacies of modern car keys, including those for Subaru vehicles, and have the necessary tools and knowledge to provide quality service.

Our mobile services mean we can come to you wherever you are in New York, making it easy and convenient for you. We also take pride in our unbeatable pricing and offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all our services, giving you peace of mind that your key replacement is in reliable hands.

Don’t let a lost or damaged Subaru key disrupt your day. Contact Cobra Locksmith today for hassle-free Subaru key replacement!


Absolutely! Cobra Locksmith can also make a replacement Subaru key fob. Our experienced locksmiths have the proper tools and knowledge to handle this task quickly and efficiently.

As experienced locksmiths, we can program transponder keys for various Subaru models. We use professional tools and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your new key is correctly coded to your vehicle.

Yes, we do. Whether you need a replacement for your Subaru Outback or WRX STI, we can replace and program your smart key, ensuring you can resume using your vehicle’s keyless entry and start features.

With Cobra Locksmith, getting replacement keys for your Subaru will take just a few minutes. Our locksmiths are trained to provide swift and efficient service to minimize any disruption to your day.

While some vehicle models allow for the self-programmed keyless entry fobs, having a professional do, it is usually best. Programming involves specific steps that vary by model and year, and problems can arise if not done correctly. The team at Cobra Locksmith can ensure your Subaru Outback’s fob is programmed correctly and functioning as expected.

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