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BMW X5 Key Replacement

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Looking for a BMW X5 key replacement? At Cobra Locksmiths, our specialty is making car keys right at your location, ensuring that our customers never have to be locked out of their cars for long. If you have a luxury vehicle, such as a BMW, unlocking your car or replacing your key requires a higher level of expertise. It requires not only key cutting, but programming.

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BMW X5 Key Replacement
BMW X5 Key Replacement

BMW X5 key

If you are locked out of your BMW X5, we will come to your location and unlock it for you. We are available 24/7 and will come to meet you anywhere in New York City, so you don’t have to be locked out for long.

What makes BMW keys high-tech (and also expensive to replace if you go to the dealer) is the transponder chip. All BMWS manufactured after 1995 have key fobs with individually programmed transponder chips. These chips are programmed to match their specific car. If you attempt to start a car without the correct transponder, it will not turn on. If your key’s transponder programming has become desynchronized, you will not be able to start your vehicle. Sometimes it’s possible to program your transponder key yourself. If you’d like to try (or if you’re simply curious about how it works), we explain in our guide below.

replace BMW X5 key

How To Program Your BMW X5 Key

Take both keys into the car and lock all the doors. Turn the ignition on with the working key and turn it off within five seconds, then remove it from the ignition. Hold the working key close to the receiver antenna to boost the signal. Hold down the unlock button while you press the lock button three times, and then let go of the unlock button. If you’ve done this successfully, the doors will unlock and lock. Then, without waiting, hold the second (non-working) key up to the receiver antenna, and repeat the step of pressing the lock button three times while holding the unlock button.

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If you’re having trouble with your key, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll come directly to your location to resolve the problem quickly. Our technicians will open your car carefully and quickly, without creating so much as a scratch.

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