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What Makes the Medeco Lock So Hard to Pick?

In security, few names command as much respect as Medeco. Renowned for their exceptional resilience to picking, Medeco locks have become a gold standard in the industry, providing unparalleled security for homes and businesses alike. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the significance of robust security measures cannot be overstated.

Whether it’s protecting precious belongings or sensitive data, the lock you choose plays a pivotal role. This is where Medeco locks come into the picture – their unique design and advanced features make them notoriously difficult to pick.

But what exactly sets these locks apart? Let’s delve deeper and decode the secrets behind the unparalleled security offered by Medeco locks.

What are Medeco Locks?

Medeco locks, a brand under ASSA ABLOY, are high-security locks widely used across the globe. The company was established in 1968 in Salem, Virginia, and has since been a trusted name in the security industry. ‘Medeco’ comes from ‘Mechanical Development Company,’ illustrating its commitment to technological innovation. Medeco pioneered the unique concept of ‘key control’ and manufactured the first lock that could resist virtually all forms of attack.

Today, their locks are used in various high-security settings such as government buildings, hospitals, banks, and residential properties. Medeco’s patented key control systems make unauthorized key duplication practically impossible, adding another layer of security. Their contribution to the locksmith industry has been monumental, setting the standard for high-security locks.

Different Types of Medeco Locks

Medeco offers a broad range of locks designed to meet different security needs, each bringing its picking-resistant unique features to the table. Here are some of the most commonly used types:
1. Medeco M3
The Medeco M3 is the latest generation of high-security locks from Medeco. It features a patented AXIAL locking mechanism that uses rotating pins to interact with a sidebar, making it highly picking-resistant. The M3 also includes a patented key system that prevents unauthorized copying.
2. Medeco Biaxial
A predecessor to the M3, the Medeco Biaxial employs a similar mechanism but with two axes of rotation for the pins. This design offers an extremely high level of keying options, adding to its security.
3. Medeco Maxum Deadbolt
A titan in the residential security space, the Maxum Deadbolt is Medeco’s flagship product for home security. It’s renowned for having one of the most robust designs, ensuring maximum resistance against physical attacks.
4. Medeco Rim & Mortise Cylinders
Popular in commercial settings, these cylinders are high-security alternatives to standard rim and mortise lock cylinders. They offer exceptional resistance to picking, drilling, and other forms of attack.
5. Medeco Padlocks
For securing storage units, sheds, or gates, Medeco’s range of padlocks offers unrivaled security. They feature hardened steel bodies and shackle designs to resist physical attacks.

Each design has its unique advantages, making Medeco a versatile choice for various security needs.

Unique Features of Medeco Locks

Medeco Plugs Have a Sidebar Slot Milled Into Its Side

One of the standout features of Medeco locks is the sidebar slot milled into the side of the plug. This slot is designed to fit a corresponding sidebar in the lock cylinder, which will only retract when the correct key is inserted, and the pins are properly rotated. The sidebar adds extra complexity to the lock, as it requires proper pin height and rotation to open.

This feature contributes significantly to the lock’s security. In addition to needing the correct key to raise the pins to the right heights (as with traditional locks), the pins must be rotated to the proper angles to allow the sidebar to retract. This makes the lock incredibly difficult to pick, as the picker must simultaneously pick and rotate the pins, a task made even more challenging by Medeco’s use of false gates on the pins to mislead would-be intruders.

How Do the Tumblers Rotate in a Medeco Lock?

In a typical lock, the tumblers (also known as pins) don’t rotate—they merely move up and down. Medeco locks, however, feature a unique design requiring the pins to elevate and rotate to the correct angles. Each pin has a chisel tip that interacts with the edges of the key. As the key is inserted into the lock, the angled cuts on the key cause the pins to rotate.

This rotation is crucial in making Medeco locks so hard to pick. A picker would need to precisely rotate each pin to its correct angle and raise it to the correct height. The complexity of this task is further increased by the fact that each pin may need to be rotated to a different angle, depending on the specific key cuts. This dual requirement of correct pin height and rotation presents a formidable challenge to anyone attempting to pick a Medeco lock.

Medeco Locks Utilize Hardened Steel Inserts

Another reason Medeco locks are tough to pick is the strategic use of hardened steel inserts. These are specifically placed in areas of the lock that are most vulnerable to physical attacks. The hardened steel is highly resistant to drilling, further discouraging any forceful attempts of unauthorized entry.

Medeco Locks Feature Key Control Systems

Medeco’s patented key control systems add another layer of security. These systems prevent unauthorized key duplication, making it extremely difficult for would-be intruders to obtain a copy of your key. Only authorized Medeco dealers and locksmiths can duplicate keys with the appropriate identification and authorization. This makes Medeco locks much more secure against picking attempts, as the chances of obtaining a key to mimic are significantly reduced.

Medeco Locks Employ False Gates

False gates in Medeco locks add to the difficulty of picking these high-security locks. These false slots or ‘gates’ on the pins and sidebar interact to mislead anyone trying to pick the lock. When a false gate aligns with the sidebar, it prevents it from retracting, further complicating the picking process. Even if a lock picker accurately elevates and rotates the pins, false gates can prevent the lock from opening, thereby adding another hurdle for intruders.

The Real-World Applications And Security Benefits of Medeco Locks

The unique features of Medeco locks, including their high-security design, hardened steel inserts, key control systems, and false gates, all contribute significantly to everyday security. Medeco’s locks are not your average lock; they are completely designed to withstand even the most determined attempts by a skilled lock picker.

One of the key benefits of Medeco locks is their resistance to picking. Despite the best efforts of lock pickers, Medeco locks remain largely unpickable due to their innovative design. For instance, all the pins in a Medeco lock must be rotated properly to the correct orientation to allow the sidebar to retract. This level of precision, coupled with false gates and tight tolerances in the machining process, makes picking a Medeco lock a daunting task.

For instance, Medeco Deadbolts has proven its worth time and again. Their cylinder design is particularly effective against lock-picking techniques. The sidebar slot is milled into the lock’s plug, which will only allow the lock to open when the pins are raised to the right height and rotated to the correct angle. This feature significantly contributes to the pick resistance of these high-security locks.

Moreover, the key control systems used by Medeco ensure that Medeco keys cannot be legally duplicated without the appropriate authorization. This gives homeowners and businesses an additional layer of security, dramatically reducing the chances of unauthorized copies of keys being made.

Furthermore, Medeco locks, including their popular cam locks and Medeco M3, utilize ARX pins, known for their excellent resistance to physical attacks. The use of ARX pins, combined with Medeco’s innovative sidebar and cylinder design, has made Medeco a trusted name in the world of high-security locks.

With a Medeco lock on your door, you can increase your confidence that your security is safe. The company’s commitment to creating locks with exceptional pick resistance and high-security features makes them a top choice for those looking to secure their premises. Whether it’s the sturdy deadbolts or the versatile Medeco M3, these locks promise to provide exceptional security no matter where they’re used.

Secure Your Premises with Medeco: Unmatched Security at Your Doorstep

Investing in a Medeco lock is a proactive step towards upgrading the safety and security of your premises. The advanced mechanisms, including the distinctive sidebar slots, meticulous machining tolerances, and using up to three angles for pin rotation, make Medeco’s technology virtually unpickable. Each Medeco key is also uniquely cut, further safeguarding against unauthorized duplication. These features work synergistically to fortify your security, making the investment in a Medeco lock worthwhile from a security standpoint.

Now is the moment to consider Medeco locks for a robust security upgrade. Their high-security features, such as false gates, hardened steel inserts, and unique key control systems, ensure that only working keys can operate the lock. The Medeco lock system is designed to keep intruders at bay, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is well-protected.

For those residing in New York, Cobra Locksmith is your NY trusted partner for all your locksmith needs. We are authorized Medeco dealers with expertise in installing and maintaining Medeco locks. Don’t hesitate to call us for further assistance or visit Cobra Locksmith to explore our range of services. Your security is our top priority; we’re here to ensure it’s nothing short of the best. With Medeco, you’re not just investing in a lock but in unmatched security.

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