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Which Locks Can't be Bumped

Which Locks Can’t be Bumped

If security is a major concern, you need to know which locks you can use that are designed to offer the highest level of security possible. One of the issues that you need to be on the lookout for when you are worried about break in is the use of a bump key. A bump key is a specific type of key that as originally made for only locksmiths to use. It is a key that will open up may types of locks. It involves the use of a crafted key that can open any pin tumbler lock. This type of key was designed to make things simpler for customers and locksmiths, but this type of key makes certain locks inferior. This means that you need to know which locks will not be unlocked with the use of a bump key. This is the only way that you can achieve the highest level of security possible.

Here are the locks that can’t be bumped:

No Keyhole

If you are looking for a lock that really bumps proof, it is a good idea to opt for the lock that does not have a key entry at all. It is not possible for a lock to be bumped if it does not feature a keyhole. One of the most popular locks of the type is a keyless deadbolt lock that has a keypad. This is a lock that does not have the ability to be bumped and it is a lock that is designed to be high in security. There are even locks of this type that come with led lighting that allows you to see the lock no matter if there is natural light or not. This is a lock that you can choose if bumping is a concern.

Bump Stop Cylinder

It is possible to have a lock that has a keyhole but is still bump proof. The only way that this can be achieved is for the lock to be specifically designed to not be bumped. This means that you need a lock that features bump stop cylinder. This means that the lock will respond to the bump key and it will not allow it to unlock the mechanism. This means that the bump key will be ineffective and will not work. However, you have to make sure that you buy a lock with a bump stop cylinder. This is a feature on locks that you will pay more for.

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