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How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Security

How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Security

Cars and any other types of vehicles have become more and more important. They are not just machines for transportation, they have become members of our families as many men spend more time with them. They are not just some objects in our garages, somewhere along the way a soul was implemented in them and now we cannot imagine our lives without one. This is why ensuring the security of our vehicle is not just words on a blank sheet of paper – we need to take this seriously and become better at it. Here is some information how we can improve.

Alarm fitting

Could not be any more obvious. Some trim level cars are so basic that even a simple security measure like an alarm is not included in the package deal. The first thing you should do after purchasing your vehicle is to check if it has an alarm – if not, invest in one. Also make sure to maintain it properly afterwards. Since some thieves are going the extra mile when it comes down to stealing cars (or parts of them), some alarm companies have written off few vehicle types – you must hurry and do it as soon as you purchase it.

Tracker and immobilizer

The second one is pretty obvious as well as it is close to the alarm feature. The tracker is something that is extremely helpful with a more expensive vehicle and it could be even mandatory if the insurance companies insist on it. If the vehicle is stolen a simple tracker can give you a much bigger chance to recover the beloved vehicle. According to researchers 95% of stolen vehicles that had trackers are returned to the owners and 86% of them were return within 24 hours.

Locking wheel nuts, never leaving items in sight

The locking wheel nuts are a great way to protect your big wheels and they are very effective. The second tip from here sounds simple and obvious but not everyone is doing it. Even if you leave your handbag in the passenger seat for 5 minutes when you run to the closest restroom, it can be the reason why someone broke your side window just to take a good look at it. Making sure your stuff is out of plain sight is a must as thieves do not need special invitations to take what is not theirs.

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