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How to Choose Window Locks

How to Choose Window Locks

It would be futile to generalize the process of choosing window locks. You must consult a trusted locksmith to make the best choice. The choice will depend on numerous factors. Here is a brief guide illustrating how to choose window locks.

Begin the process by noting down the types of windows you have

Chances are you would have the same type of windows throughout your home or office. It is also possible you will have different types of windows. You may have sash windows, casement windows, transform windows, pivot windows and swing windows among other designs. You may have wooden windows, uPVC windows, metal windows or a combination of different materials. The type or design and the material, the way a window operates and the level of security you need given the other determiners will influence your choice.

There are many types of window locks

There are fasteners, stops, stays, locks, bolts and special locks which are completely unique or customized. You may want to go with keyless locks or you may want locks with keys. Many window locks can work with keys but will also work without the keys. That is you would be able to operate the locks or the bolts and keep them as it is to operate them again. In addition to locking the windows, you can use the key or a code to further lock the windows which cannot be opened even from the inside without the key or code. Yes, there are window locks that come with codes or other configurations that only you would know.

Keyless or not?

Many people prefer keyless locks because they are easier to operate, one doesn’t need the keys, they are cheaper and evacuation in an emergency would be easier. But there are many who want locks with keys for added security. Whatever suits your preference and keeps you at peace is good enough. It is not that keyless locks are a tiny fraction of window locks with keys.

Window locks are made of various materials

Brass is very common, so are vinyl and steel, zinc and a few other metals. You can opt for solid metal window locks, hollow metal window locks, vinyl locks, metal plated or powder coated locks. All these materials have their advantages and shortcomings. Metal locks are obviously sturdier than vinyl locks. Look for window locks that would not be easily picked by sliding the windows, pushing the panes or with a little force from either inside or outside.

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